The development of an educational program is an intense commitment for the Casa di Cura Privata del Policlinico, which plans and delivers training events of interest to all professional profiles, in accordance with both current legislation and the company’s mission.

CCPP’s Office of Education has the task of looking after the training and retraining of all its employees and other participants which do not work within its walls. The aim is to empower professionals to strive for continuous improvement of their behavior in the clinical practice and rehabilitation programs, thus achieving the goals of change and improvement, which the organization has set forth.

Main tasks are to :

  • Manage the training system as a function of the objectives demanded by the company, the region, and national authorities as well as to maintain, upgrade, and continuously improve
  • Identify the staff’s training needs, designing and implementing initiatives to promote the continuous professional improvement and ensuring its adequacy in relation to the evolution of knowledge
  • Design, implement and verify the training activities of the company in order to allow people an adapt training in line with the constant changes and corporate strategies

The Office has obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 Accreditation as a Regional Provider ECM-CPD (Continuing Medical Education – Continuing Professional Development). Every year a new training plan based on training needs is identified through a confrontation with the Managers and Coordinators and with the involvement of all professionals from different sectors.

The Educational calendar is divided into three main areas:

1. Clinical – Rehabilitation: Proposals that develop content of a technical nature for clinical and rehabilitation professionals in specific areas of intervention in CCPP.

2. Management skills and methodology: proposals to pursue the development of management related goals for individuals and the organization, with close ties to the concept of organizational efficiency to the spread of responsible behavior and effective relationships as well as the acquisition of methodological skills.

3. Safety training and regulation: proposals that meet training needs defined by regulations relating to safety in the workplace, to protect the health of workers and patients, and the development of behaviors which are consistent with the defense of the rights of the sick.

CCPP also hosts internships for university courses in the following health professions: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Neuropsychology and Nursing Sciences.

Contact person:

Dott.ssa A. Marturano