Lombardy Region searches for innovative healthcare solutions

The Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit of the Lombardy Region University, Research and Open Innovation Directorate, announced on 3.08.2017 by publishing Pre-Information Notice an open market consultation aimed at validating the prerequisite for launching pre-commercial public procurement procedures for the acquisition of research and technological development services finalized to the design, design, prototyping and experimentation of new technological solutions for:

  •  Evaluation of the fragility of the coronary atherosclerotic plaque
  • Robotic exoskeleton for motor rehabilitation in neurological patients with upper limb motor deficit
  • Safe Bronco Aspiration

All economic operators and subjects operating in the research sector are invited to take part in open market consultation regardless of their geographical location, size and organizational structure.

Dr. Massimo Corbo and Ing. Peppino Tropea of the Casa di Cura Privata del Policlinico will illustrate the need for technological innovation related to the “rehabilitation and assistance of neurological patients by robotic devices”. This requirement was chosen by the Lombardy Region in response to a public invitation to present ideas about its own innovation needs addressed to all accredited ASSTs, IRCCSs and Accredited Hospitals.

12 October 2017 (from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00)

Lombardy Palace of Lombardy Region
Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1 – Entrance N1
Valeria Solesin Room, 1 Floor
Milan – Italy

The market consultation involves the proactive analysis of technology offer available on the market andwill provide crucial inputs to the procurement plan, with the aim of achieving the following specific objectives:

  • Investigating and analyzing the currently available technologies and to obtain performance information as well as the coverage levels of the required features in order to confirm the assumption for a pre-commercial contract;
  • Assess the feasibility of technological developments within the expected duration of the contract;
  • Identifying market risks potentially hindering the achievement of expected objectives and performance;
  • Enabling opportunities for mutual exchange and mutual understanding between market players in view of the (future) establishment of any fit-for-purpose consortia.

Consultants with the market will be required to provide information on marketed or developing solutions that can meet the three needs described below.

During the open consultation with the market, information will also be provided on the objectives, key elements and the main contractual conditions of pre-commercial public procurement.

You will be able to ask questions. Consultation with the market will be conducted in Italian.

Please register by October 9, 2017 by sending an e-mail to ricercainnovazione@regione.lombardia.it,  attaching the completed registration form and the filled questionnaire, if you want to supply under a non-disclosure agreement confidential information on innovative and commercialized solution that you do not wish to reveal in public, but in written form.

Access to the venue and on-site registration will be permitted upon verification of the availability of seats.

The consultation can be followed in live streaming by the link.

Further information available on the following link.