CCPP, as a research center registered in the Lombardy Region system “Questio”, participates in the following innovation projects, aimed at the technological validation of products and prototypes for health care and well-being:

  • Predictive analysis of falls – APRICA

Innodriver Project cofunded by the Lombardy Region, assigned to CCPP through an “innovation voucher” by the company “Future Care”. The project consists in developing a solution to predict the fall of the elderly through Looky, an Assisted Ambient Living system created by the proposing company. Today the system is already able to detect the falls of the elderly and to give an immediate alarm.

[project in progress]

  • Remote stimUlation For FraiL pEople – RUFFLE

Innodriver Project cofunded by the Lombardy Region, assigned to CCPP through an “innovation voucher” by the company “Grammelot”. The project aims to create a platform that independently allows rehabilitators and neuropsychologists to develop exercises for the cognitive stimulation of healthy subjects, at risk of cognitive impairment. The exergames are performed at home via tablet and aimed at maintaining and enhancing specific cognitive functions (in particular memory, but also attention and executive functions).

[project in progress]

  • Pre-commercial public procurement (PPP) of Rehabilitation Exoskeletons.

Within a PPP evaluation process, CCPP has been selected by the Lombardy Region as an end-user and testing validator/evaluator of a “mechatronic exoskeleton system”, capable of handling motor and rehabilitation therapy for neurological patients with upper limb motor disability. Such device will allow the rehabilitation team to plan, and the patient to perform, a wide range of customized movements, adapt to individual performance. It is also expected to customize the therapy thanks to the measurement of functional recovery and the analysis of electrophysiological signals, obtained through Electroencephalography (EEG) and Electromyography (EMG). Finally, it will also include neuromodulation techniques.

The pre-commercial public procurement is implemented in three phases:

o   PHASE I-SOLUTION DRAFTING: R&D activities to design an innovative solution and elaborate its implementation plan.

o   PHASE II- PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION: R&D activities to create a prototype of the innovative solution developed in Phase I.

o   PHASE III-TESTING: R&D activities to test the developed prototype in a real environment, with the support of accurately selected patients.

CCPP, as a regional clinical validation centre, is involved in Phases II and III.

[project in progress]

  • REhAbilitation through CogniTive exercises – REACT

Project cofunded by the Lombardy Region under the 2016 Research and Innovation program. The project, in which CCPP plays a role in both co-design and validation, is led by the ICT SME “eLevel Communication”, and aims to evaluate the efficacy of Quiddis, a platform of rehabilitation and re-educational multimedia contents to promote the acquisition of motor activities and the improvement of non-specific cognitive functions, with a positive impact also on patients’ quality of life. Organizational impact in a clinical setting and possibilities for home-based treatments (tele-rehabilitation) are secondary objectives. Based on this pilot project, a clinical trial entitled “REACT: Re-Educational ACtivities through Technology” and approved by our Ethics Committee was started in August 2018.

[project in progress]

  • AppMONitoring and TRaining Adherence with Chronic patients – AMONTRACK

Project cofunded by the Lombardy Region under the 2017 Research and Innovation program. The project, in which CCPP plays a role in both co-design and validation, is led by the ICT SME “Think4Future” and aims to test the App LifeCharger (LC) as a tool for improving Patient Engagement and supporting therapy management in Parkinson’s Disease patients; this App also develops a new way of monitoring symptoms that can be pointed out directly by the patients. CCPP clinical team supported technicians in contents development for the App, in order to improve chronic patients’ adherence to therapies and to create a user-friendly tool for both patients and healthcare professionals.

[project concluded]


Project cofunded by the Lombardy Region under the 2015 Research and Innovation program. The project is led by the SME “Imaginary” and aims to develop and evaluate technologies in the “health and wellbeing” field. CCPP was involved in co-designing and testing exergames for motor rehabilitation of the upper-limb, in patients suffering from cerebral strokes. A clinical trial, approved by our Ethics Committee and entitled “Virtual Reality for Rehabilitation of the upper limb after cerebral strokes (RVriabAS)”, was started in February 2017.

[project concluded]