EHDEN – European Health Data & Evidence Network


  • CCPP joins the European open science federated network on digital health data

CCPP has become part of the EHDEN project – European Health Data & Evidence Network (, a European consortium in which about 140 partners operating in the digital health innovation chain participate. EHDEN’s mission is to provide a new paradigm for health data discovery and analysis in Europe by building a federated data network from partners across Europe, focused primarly on the clinical research. Academic research groups, data partners (e.g. hospitals and registers) and SMEs, thanks also to the push provided by the EHDEN project, are paying more and more attention to the different aspects that characterize the set up of digital health hub.

The peculiar aspects that will be dealt with within the project concern in particular the Sciences related to the observation of Health Data of the OHDSI program ( and the Common Data Model (CDM) di Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP).

Moreover, we state also the start-up of the new community “OHDSI Italia” (, which aims to become a point of reference and meeting point for all these Italian realities, in order to enhance the mutual experiences of approach to the international community as well as to address typically national issues.