ICIC23 PROCare4Life Event (1)

ProCare4Life project: final event in Anversa

PROCare4Life – How technology can impact the quality of life of individuals with neurogenerative conditions

Join us on May 23rd for the final public event of PROCare4Life, an innovative Horizon 2020 project focused on improving integrated care solutions for older adults facing neurological and other chronic conditions.

Taking place at the International Conference on Integrated Care in Antwerp, Belgium, this hybrid event will feature expert speakers from the PROCare4Life team, who will share their valuable insights gained throughout our project.

The event will cover a range of topics, including the importance of users’ involvement in the co-creation process, an overview of the PROCare4Life technical solution, results from real-world pilots, and other lessons learned.

Whether you prefer to attend the in-person event or join us via the free webinar, all are welcome to participate. To register for the webinar, 
click here.

To watch the live event click here.

Those interested in attending in person can visit the Integrated Care Foundation’s website to learn more about the International Conference for Integrated Care. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the exciting final event of the PROCare4Life project and learn about the future of integrated care!