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Workshop tDCS and Rehabilitation

The objective of this workshop is to investigate current issues related to the use of this safe and non-invasive technique in motor and cognitive rehabilitation thanks to the participation of experts of national and international reputation. Work will be presented that has shown efficacy in improving motor and cognitive functions in elderly subjects, patients suffering from stroke or suffering from dementia. Finally, new techniques of transcranial stimulation, such as cerebellar stimulation and transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation, will be discussed. This training event originates from the training plan envisaged by the memoMCI project funded by the European Community through the Horizon 2020 Program Marie Sklodowska Curie IF-RP Project Grant No. 658496 (PI Marco Sandrini, CCPP). The aim of this project is to improve episodic memory through the use of DC transcranial stimulation in subjects with Mild Cognitive Decay (MCI), a population that has a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia progressive. The ECM-CPD accreditation – Lombardy Region was requested for professionals with a health profile.


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